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boleck&loleck on 13:47, 2010-07-25 wrote:
Hello guys. This “speed trainer” really suxx. Go and kill yourself!

Speed Exercise


This is VERSION BETA so tell me what do you think about:

1. Speed trainer functionality (Are features of this "trainer" helpful or not? Are controls user-friendy? Is layout clear and easy?)

2. Domain name (BestDrumTrainer) - but this is NOT for drummers only! - Do you have a better name?

3. Page layout and colors. Is this clear and easy to use?

4. Are there any problems? Maybe you've noticed a bug? Tell me!


What is this?

Speed trainer is a metronome-like tool that allows you to train stability and speed of your tempo. It differs from typical metronome - speed trainer can automaticaly increase and decrease BPM.

Is this for drummers only? NO! If you play guitar, piano, violin, flute, trumpet or any other instrumment you can use it. I hope it will be helpful.

How it works?

Speed trainer plays your required tempo and increase or decrease beats per minute.

First, you have to specify start and end bpm value.

Second, you have to specify the cycle. You can set how many steps you want to play from start to end bpm and time of each step. You can also set total exercise time and step time, than step number will be calculated automaticaly. You can also set number of beats per step instead of step time. Every time when you set 2 params of cycle, the third one is calculated automaticaly.

Additionaly, you can set if you want to repeat the training, or maybe loop it back.

Geometrical step means that bpm value is multiplied by factor to get next bpm value - this is more natural like in 30, 60, 120, 240 bpm example - factor in here equals 2. If "Geometrical step" is not selected than bpm value is increased by adding some constant factor e.g. 30, 100, 170, 240 - factor equals +70bpm.

Example 1: You have a score in meter 5/4 (it means 5 beats every bar) and you want to play 10 bars in 70 bpm, 10 bars in 80 bpm and 10 in 90 bpm. Than you have to select "beats per step basis" and set beats num = 5x10 = 50.

Example 2: You have some new song to play, so you can start from 30bpm and finish at 60bpm. You can set 20 minutes for each step, and total training time 1 hour.

If you set required parameters than you can SAVE it with "Bookmark & Share" button (at the top-right corner of the trainer window) or just by remembering the address from "save it" field.

Stability and precision.

There is still no good technology to create online sound applications. Especially there are problems with precision and synchronisation of sounds. In this application I use Adobe Flex technology and I try to do my best.

Unfortunately, there can be still some unstable behaviour - fluctuation in tempo. But DON'T WORRY! In most cases it works fine. How is that?

For example, when you play 60 bpm for 5 minutes, than 90 bpm for 5 minutes, and finally 120 bpm, than EACH STEP IS 100% STABLE. So in 5 minutes of 60bpm, 5 minutes of 90bpm, and in 120 bpm THERE WILL BE NO FLUCTUATION, AND THE TEMPO IS GOOD. But in the moment of change from 60 bpm to 90 and from 90 to 120 there can be a little delay (about 0.02 second). You will surely not notice that.

But because of that unstability you cannot use this "speed trainer" to train e.g. 90 bpm to 120 bpm, one beat for each step. Because after every beat there is a bpm change and this won't be precise enough.

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